The Envisioned Periphery: 1952

                To maintain the aesthetic of the “City Beautiful,” Le Corbusier envisioned the periphery to be a large green space whose agriculture would [...]

Solutions to the Parking Problem: Markets

Existing parking is chaotic. As observed in a previous post, the supply of parking spaces in Chandigarh is a growing concern among planners and residents. According to the Chandigarh Transport [...]

The Parking Problem

A necessary element of an auto-centric city is parking. Chandigarh’s master plan provides for parking nearly everywhere, from parks and schools to markets and houses. However, the daily influx of [...]

Connections: Rethinking Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley currently winds southwest from the Capitol Complex, through sectors 3, 10, 16, 23 and 36. What was intended as a continuous green belt through Chandigarh is now a segmented park, [...]

A Case for Aesthetic Legislation

  Urban Character Aesthetic legislation must, at its core, differentiate between arbitrary issues of taste and researched ideals of aesthetics. Attributes of the city proven successful over [...]

Le Corbusier’s Vitruvian Man

 “Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.” Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses [...]

Fetishization of the Modern

Chair by Pierre Jeanneret   The furniture designed by Modernists, Le Corbusier among others, has become highly collectible and fetishized, despite the principles of modernism which champion mass [...]
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