Capitol Complex

Museum of Philosophy

Museum of Philosophy The concept of this design is to create an environment that demonstration how philosophical ideas are formed through the back and forth process between public debate and [...]

Mariam Hovhanissian: People’s Palace

The People’s Palace is a project that focuses on bringing the public back to the Capitol Complex of Chandigarh. Designed as the symbolic head of the city by Corbusier, the Capitol Complex [...]

EXAMPLE: This is my title

INTRODUCTION This is where I will describe in a few sentences the over all goal of my project.  This is where I describe my image, and its purposes. This is a painting, and in this painting Le [...]

Kaimbwala-Sukhna Ecological Zone

A part of the CUL2014 proposal, an interdisciplinary group of students from Urban Design and Planning and Architecture developed a proposal for an ecological zone centered on Chandigarh’s [...]

Rajendra Park, trash recycling proposal

Based on the work that they did for CUL2014, here is a trash recycling urban landscape proposal developed by masters landscape architecture students Shih Chia Chiu and Hao Liang – submitted for [...]
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