Design research studios are the driving force behind the Chandigarh Urban Lab project. All material presented here is the product of the observations, investigations and imaginations of the University of Washington India Program studios. Studio participants are both undergraduate- and graduate-level students from the architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture fields. While the project focus varies from year to year, the overarching goal is toward a better understanding of how this iconic modernist city is performing in the age of globalization.

Studio are conducted in collaboration with Chandigarh College of Architecture with the support of The Aditya Prakash Foundation. Unless otherwise noted, analysis, photographs, writings and proposals are the work of all members of the tagged topic (e.g. “Master Plan”) and program (e.g. IP 2011).

CUL 2009

CUL 2011

CUL 2012

CUL 2014






See IP2011 student Alexa Rhodes’s account of her experiences in India on her blog, Letters from Chandigarh.