Greater Chandigarh

Kaimbwala-Sukhna Ecological Zone

A part of the CUL2014 proposal, an interdisciplinary group of students from Urban Design and Planning and Architecture developed a proposal for an ecological zone centered on Chandigarh’s [...]

Rajendra Park, trash recycling proposal

Based on the work that they did for CUL2014, here is a trash recycling urban landscape proposal developed by masters landscape architecture students Shih Chia Chiu and Hao Liang – submitted for [...]

Regional Urbanization 1950 – Present

A Graphical Animation of Chandigarh’s Regional Development This trend in growth from 1950 to the present serves as the basis for the IP2012 multimodal transit proposals. [...]

The Envisioned Periphery: 1952

                To maintain the aesthetic of the “City Beautiful,” Le Corbusier envisioned the periphery to be a large green space whose agriculture would [...]

Interdependence: The City-Periphery Balance

Although Chandigarh‘s commercial centers are full of planned shops and organized storefronts, the interstitial city spaces house informal street vendors, hawkers,and skilled workers. In the spirit [...]