Connections: Rethinking Leisure Valley

V2s and V4s chop the Valley into disconnected parks

Leisure Valley currently winds southwest from the Capitol Complex, through sectors 3, 10, 16, 23 and 36. What was intended as a continuous green belt through Chandigarh is now a segmented park, making it difficult to enjoy the Valley. The green spaces within the park are well-maintained and boast many types of flower gardens, tree orchards and playgrounds. Currently, the leisure activities end at each V2, V3 or V4, when the car dominates and the pedestrians’ safety is jeopardized.

V2s and V4s chop the Valley into disconnected parks


Clear connections should be implemented across the vehicular arterials, slowing traffic and visually showing the presence of large green spaces such as Leisure Valley.


Such connections might look like this:





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