Solutions to the Parking Problem: Markets

Proposed V4 Market Revision in Sector 11

Existing parking is chaotic.

As observed in a previous post, the supply of parking spaces in Chandigarh is a growing concern among planners and residents. According to the Chandigarh Transport Administration, an estimated million cars drive the roads of Chandigarh daily. With 800,000 vehicles registered in the city, car parking is erratic, most drivers parking wherever they find space. On residential streets, car owners are taking over driving lanes, although there is space for parking lanes. In the markets, tuk-tuks, two wheelers, and cars compete for space, often not using designated spaces.

Parking on the V3 and V4 Markets

By planning for multiple uses, and reconsidering space, parking can be found for the existing cars without planning extensive new parking infrastructure. Through adding well planned alternatives, such as pedestrian networks, public transit, and better cycling infrastructure, residents will be less inclined to drive.

Proposed V4 Market Revision in Sector 11


Proposed Parking Revision for V3 Markets


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