Solutions to the Parking Problem: Residences

A previous post  has described the increasing shortage of parking in Chandigarh. Although parking at the markets has seen the greatest amount of attention, parking in residential zones has also become problematic. With no clear parameters or standards, parking on residential streets has become chaotic. Often cars are left on sidewalks or in parks, detracting from the quality of the green spaces and the pedestrian experience.


Proposed Parking for Residential Zones

Within the walls of existing streets, new planning can provide space for pedestrians, cycles, and even public transit lanes while maintaining the green spaces. By reprogramming the existing streets, we can increase functionality for commuters.



Within this Sector 11 quadrant, parking can be added on the V6s for residential use. On this typical plan, 274 new parking spots were found for 275 lots. If more parking is necessary, additional parking lots can be made on unused institutional land, or the market parking can be rethought for night use.


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