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“Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 Draft” is now published!

The long anticipated Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 Draft has just been published online by Chandigarh Administration. It is in the comment period right now [NO LONGER – edited], so…

Vikramāditya Prakāsh’s lecture on Deruralization-Chandigarh at Harvard, February 2013.

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‘Heritage’ Furniture – a new line of urban furniture for Chandigarh.

The current focus of the international market on Chandigarh’s so-called heritage furniture has jeopordized the fundamental purpose of furniture: to be used, not idealized. The analysis of this situation leads to the question: what…

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New Heritage Park Furniture Proposals

  The focus of the furniture designs were based on the analysis and understanding of Chandigarh’s street vendors combined with the current controversy surrounding the original heritage furniture…

Comparison of Furniture in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad High-End Store     Our study of street furniture in Chandigarh has made us focus on the idea of adaptive reuse and realize the potential for materials…


Cataloguing: Modern Furniture Profiles

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Cataloguing: An Overview

The “designed” furniture, as the smallest module of the master plan, and the kinetic street furniture, as the smallest element of the informal city, provide a microcosm with…


Fetishization of the Kinetic City

When studying the kinetic modern furniture of the informal sector, it is easy to romanticize the ingenuity (Jugaad) of the people who construct their environment. Therefore, it is…

Original furniture piled in storage at the High Court, Sector 1

Fetishization of the Modern

  The furniture designed by Modernists, Le Corbusier among others, has become highly collectible and fetishized, despite the principles of modernism which champion mass production and affordability. This…