Frame Control

Incremental Housing: A New Typology

Village_53 Burail + Marla. This type takes the density and diversity of housing in the urban village and combines it with the order and control of Chandigarh’s marla houses. We have studied and [...]

Housing in Chandigarh v. Ahmedabad

In terms of housing being a factor in forming the urban character of a city, there is significant contrast between the formal distribution of housing types in Chandigarh and the informal integration [...]

Sector 17 v. Ahmedabad’s Main Market

Looking at the unplanned and ancient part of Ahmedabad, through the lens of Sector 17, we began to see how a pivotal place in a city can begin define its entire character. Over the weeks we have [...]

Preserving the Image in the City

Original sketch perspective of street character Allowing for Change Chandigarh is a living city that is constantly growing, adapting and changing. The struggle within the city is how to allow for [...]

Frame Control in Chandigarh: Background

History Created from a tabula rasa, Chandigarh presented an opportunity to design every aspect of the plan and original buildings. With a single team of architects controlling the design of [...]

A Case for Aesthetic Legislation

  Urban Character Aesthetic legislation must, at its core, differentiate between arbitrary issues of taste and researched ideals of aesthetics. Attributes of the city proven successful over [...]