Cataloguing: An Overview

The “designed” furniture, as the smallest module of the master plan, and the kinetic street furniture, as the smallest element of the informal city, provide a microcosm with which to [...]

Fetishization of the Kinetic City

When studying the kinetic modern furniture of the informal sector, it is easy to romanticize the ingenuity (Jugaad) of the people who construct their environment. Therefore, it is critical to [...]

Preserving the Image in the City

Original sketch perspective of street character Allowing for Change Chandigarh is a living city that is constantly growing, adapting and changing. The struggle within the city is how to allow for [...]

Frame Control in Chandigarh: Background

History Created from a tabula rasa, Chandigarh presented an opportunity to design every aspect of the plan and original buildings. With a single team of architects controlling the design of [...]
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