Urban Character in Ahmedabad and the Capitol Complex


Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex boasts open green spaces, monumental buildings and an unending view of the Himalaya Mountains. Currently restricted to the public, the complex is an amenity waiting to be engaged by the community. The geometric hill, tower of shadow and open hand are abandoned elements that have been over grown by bushes and trees. Politicians who use the space drive from building to building. The park space and plazas remain vacant while any activity on the site occurs in the parking lot behind the High Court. Judges and politicians gather, converse and buy items from vendors creating energy in the parking lot that could be happening inside the complex. Every road, alley and shop was inhabited by people in the old city of Ahmedabad. This was drastically different from the barren capitol complex and the character of Chandigarh. Stretching along the Ellis Bridge Road to the riverfront, the Sunday market of Ahmedabad was used by people from all over the city. Crowded and bustling, the market channeled people down to the river allowing a release from the constricting buildings. Presenting an unending view while controlling movement, as seen in the market, the capitol complex can achieve this and create a connection to the city.

– Emily Andrews & Michael Avellone





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