master plan

Regional Urbanization 1950 – Present

A Graphical Animation of Chandigarh’s Regional Development This trend in growth from 1950 to the present serves as the basis for the IP2012 multimodal transit proposals. [...]

The Case for a Chandigarh BRT

Vibrant, booming cities all over the world have turned to bus rapid transit in response to roadway congestion. Modern interiors and smart platforms serve millions of passengers each day while [...]

What is an Apni Mandi?

The Leisure Valley was planned by Le Corbusier to provide one of four major functions; care of the body and spirit. It is meant to promote health and forms the lungs of the city. However, the park [...]

Housing in Chandigarh v. Ahmedabad

In terms of housing being a factor in forming the urban character of a city, there is significant contrast between the formal distribution of housing types in Chandigarh and the informal integration [...]

Preserving the Image in the City

Original sketch perspective of street character Allowing for Change Chandigarh is a living city that is constantly growing, adapting and changing. The struggle within the city is how to allow for [...]

The Envisioned Periphery: 1952

                To maintain the aesthetic of the “City Beautiful,” Le Corbusier envisioned the periphery to be a large green space whose agriculture would [...]

Solutions to the Parking Problem: Markets

Existing parking is chaotic. As observed in a previous post, the supply of parking spaces in Chandigarh is a growing concern among planners and residents. According to the Chandigarh Transport [...]
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