What is an Apni Mandi?

The Leisure Valley was planned by Le Corbusier to provide one of four major functions; care of the body and spirit. It is meant to promote health and forms the lungs of the city. However, the park has not been used to its full potential and is gasping for a breath of fresh air. By implementing the concept of the apni mandi and urban farming into Leisure Valley it can begin to once again promote sustainability; now through promoting food security.

Analysis of an Apni Mandi

The ‘apni mandi’ or ‘farmer’s market’ refers to the local fruit and vegetable markets that move throughout the city day by day. The markets contribute to the kinetic city. They are the result of a recent concept developed to provide fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost from the producer to the consumer.

The typical mandi ground is a vacant, dirt lot that transforms into a vibrant market from 10am – 9pm once a week. The sellers arrange their tables in a 36sf grid logic that enables them to store their product, waste, and vehicles. A rental system provides tables, umbrellas, and lights to keep the mandi operating concisely.