The Case for a Chandigarh BRT

Anticipated Density with TOD

Vibrant, booming cities all over the world have turned to bus rapid transit in response to roadway congestion. Modern interiors and smart platforms serve millions of passengers each day while reducing vehicle miles travelled, improving mobility to all residents and providing rapid sub-regional transport. Flexible, quick to implement and cost-effective, BRT is the perfect match for Chandigarh’s projected development and growth. To the left one can observe the existing density pattern, below one can observe guided development and growth along Transit Oriented Developement (TOD) corridors.

Existing Density











Chandigarh’s projected population and automobile ownership growth suggests the need for an efficient, and affordable mass transit system to relieve congestion, increase the population’s mobility while guiding development along TOD corridors.


Anticipated Density with TOD


Growth is expected to occur in Chandigarh’s peripheral areas and with planned infrastructural development growth can be guided along specific, transit oriented corridors. By concentrating development, TOD would allow the region to develop compact corridors with easily accessible transit rapidly connecting the area to ensure an efficient region to live, work and play.