Citizen Chandigarh: The Professionals

What is the perspective of some of the professionals of Chandigarh on their city and its future? With the highest literary in India (above 93%), Chandigarh has the potential to be the Indian [...]

Regional Urbanization 1950 – Present

A Graphical Animation of Chandigarh’s Regional Development This trend in growth from 1950 to the present serves as the basis for the IP2012 multimodal transit proposals. picasion.com [...]

Retrospective: The Aging City

This film interviews some of the citizens of Chandigarh who have been around from the very beginning, from the 1950s, that is. Filmmakers: Warren Pope & Calvin Tandi [...]

Proposal for the Museum of Knowledge

As designed by Le Corbusier, the Capitol Complex is currently not completed. A fourth building, the Museum of Knowledge was planned to accompany the existing Secretariat, Assembly Hall and High [...]

Incremental Housing: A New Typology

Village_53 Burail + Marla. This type takes the density and diversity of housing in the urban village and combines it with the order and control of Chandigarh’s marla houses. We have studied and [...]

The Case for a Chandigarh BRT

Vibrant, booming cities all over the world have turned to bus rapid transit in response to roadway congestion. Modern interiors and smart platforms serve millions of passengers each day while [...]

What is an Apni Mandi?

The Leisure Valley was planned by Le Corbusier to provide one of four major functions; care of the body and spirit. It is meant to promote health and forms the lungs of the city. However, the park [...]
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