New Heritage Park Furniture Proposals

  The focus of the furniture designs were based on the analysis and understanding of Chandigarh’s street vendors combined with the current controversy surrounding the original heritage furniture designed by Jeanneret.  The products of this process can be categorized into three design ideas: international modern, Indian modern, and kinetic modern.  The heritage swing caters to the international modern by commenting on the absurdity of the fetishization of the furniture by the international market by chopping off the legs of the chairs and hanging them up in the trees as swings.  This results in the removal of the market value (fetish) while still maintaining the function (sitting).   The heritage park furniture takes this concept, and iterates it in the context of a new Indian modern.  By simply taking the profile, proportions, and ergonomics of the original designs and implementing them in different materials such as concrete  and steel to allow for outdoor settings, brings the design of the heritage furniture back to the public of Chandigarh in the form of urban furniture.  The modular furniture design takes the modernist idea of mass production and the possibilities presented by the module and interprets them towards a new kinetic modern that can be arranged and customized depending on the location and preference.  The core intent behind all of these designs is to place the focus on Chandigarh’s green spaces by making them inviting and comfortable, replicating the atmosphere of your own front porch, but expanded into an urban context.