Comparison of Furniture in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad

Chandigarh Bike Supply Storage

Ahmedabad High-End Store



Our study of street furniture in Chandigarh has made us focus on the idea of adaptive reuse and realize the potential for materials to be recycled in many different interpretations.  In both Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, much of the street furniture is made up of found materials, usually from construction sites.  This photo study is comparing storage units that are made from found materials, but in completely different settings.  The bicycle storage cabinet in Chandigarh is made out of metal and designed purely with its function in mind to handle the weather of the outdoors and to have the ability to be locked up and secured at night.  The aesthetic is not a priority at all.  The interior of the boutique in Ahmedabad, however, is designed with a different mentality altogether.  It uses stacked cardboard sections for the display shelving, which turns out looking chic and cool.  The clean, sharp look of the shelving units result from the setting inside protected from the weather.  Also, although both are made for the purpose of storage, the bicycle stand is much more valuable to the bike wale because his whole business relies on the safety and security of his tools stored inside.  This is contrasted by the cardboard shelving, which serves to create an aesthetic for the boutique, but the shop does not purely rely on it for its business.

Seeing the spectrum of uses for found materials has made us see the potential for reuse and levels of refinement that can be achieved that are dictated by the owner, user, and customer.  We will keep this in mind when moving forward on our own furniture designs.

– Acacio Domar, Lisa Healy, Ken Kohnfelder



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