Space Activation in Ahmedabad

The capitol complex is in need of some major social activation and the main question is in what manner this activation should happen. The visit to Ahmedabad was a great experience because it opened our eyes to the characteristics of major Indian cities. These characteristics are lacking in Chandigarh and are obsolete in the Capitol Complex, a place meant to be a social outlet for the public.


One of the main characteristics of the Capitol Complex, and Chandigarh in general, is the strict defined geometry that seems to take over and be the main visual quality of the space. All planes of view are defined and very little juxtaposition occurs. The excess of grey from the concrete makes the overall experience of the space very monotone. All these aspects of the space do not convey an Indian experience in anyway as compared to photo taken from Ahmedabad.


The juxtaposition, disorder and no restrictions of the signage are some of the most apparent qualities of the old town. Everything from spaces to fabrics displayed on the street seems to flow together. The lack of definition is clearly expressed within the fabric of the old city and it is this that allows for a specific type of Indian vibrancy. The endless amount of color also contributes to the vibrancy.


Indian public spaces can benefit from some form of definition but it is the apparent chaos that gives it its charm and authenticity. The capitol complex provides the framework to control the chaos that is needed to activate an Indian space.

– Nishant Jacob




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