Incremental Housing: A New Typology


Burail + Marla. This type takes the density and diversity of housing in the urban village and combines it with the order and control of Chandigarh’s marla houses.

We have studied and understand that even in the most organized housing schemes there is expansion that takes place. The goal of type 3 is to accommodate this flux with a new incremental housing scheme that allows people to adapt their living conditions when the economic means become available.

We developed a 4 square typology where each base unit is 22’ by 22’, and has the ability to break down walls to expand in size. With this system there are hundreds of different expansion varieties created. The reality of how typology 3 would look is depicted in this plan, which shows the range of expansion types.

The structure of the system works beginning with a grid with an interior ventilation shaft cutting through this grid. This provides utilities to each unit and creates a “plug-in” housing type, which allows the owner to do what they want with the space.