Deruralization studies: Patiali-ki-Rao, an intermittent river at the edge of Chandigarh

Here is some amazing work done by the CCA students Mahavir Singh and Divya Khurana (CUL2014), on the Patiali-ki-Rao, one of the two intermittent rivers that naturally defined the East and West edges of the Chandigarh (with the Shivalik Hills to the North). Today these intermittent rivers are under seige, as the growth of Chandigarh has made them, and their ecology, intra-urban. But not quite fully urban, but no longer rural either.

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_06

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_03

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_04

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_05

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_07

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_08

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_09

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_10

Patiala ki Rao_vp edited_Page_11


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