CUL – Chandigarh Urban Lab

Proposal for the Museum of Knowledge

As designed by Le Corbusier, the Capitol Complex is currently not completed. A fourth building, the Museum of Knowledge was planned to accompany the existing Secretariat, Assembly Hall and High [...]

The Case for a Chandigarh BRT

Vibrant, booming cities all over the world have turned to bus rapid transit in response to roadway congestion. Modern interiors and smart platforms serve millions of passengers each day while [...]

New Heritage Park Furniture Proposals

  The focus of the furniture designs were based on the analysis and understanding of Chandigarh’s street vendors combined with the current controversy surrounding the original heritage [...]

Playground of Ruins – Capitol Complex

In this studio, Museum of Knowledge of Chandigarh was interpreted as a container of information and space for interaction – the City Archive. At the center of Capitol Complex existing elements [...]

Museum of World Religions

Museum of World Religions in Chandigarh, India is designed as a place for people to watch, talk, think and share everything about religions. Different religions might have their own rites and rules [...]

Museum of Philosophy

Museum of Philosophy The concept of this design is to create an environment that demonstration how philosophical ideas are formed through the back and forth process between public debate and [...]

Mariam Hovhanissian: People’s Palace

The People’s Palace is a project that focuses on bringing the public back to the Capitol Complex of Chandigarh. Designed as the symbolic head of the city by Corbusier, the Capitol Complex [...]

EXAMPLE: This is my title

INTRODUCTION This is where I will describe in a few sentences the over all goal of my project.  This is where I describe my image, and its purposes. This is a painting, and in this painting Le [...]
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