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Rajendra Park, trash recycling proposal

Vikramāditya Prakāsh’s lecture on Deruralization-Chandigarh at Harvard, February 2013.

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‘Heritage’ Furniture – a new line of urban furniture for Chandigarh.

The current focus of the international market on Chandigarh’s so-called heritage furniture has jeopordized the fundamental purpose of furniture: to be used, not idealized. The analysis of this situation leads to the question: what…

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Apni Mandis – activating Leisure Valley with farmers’ markets and food security.

With the failure of large grocery stores in globalizing Chandigarh, Apni Mandis that enable residents to buy fresh, locally (nearby) produced food directly from farmers have become very…

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Vikas Marg – a “Signature Street” for greater Chandigarh.

Chandigarh’s V2 were conceived in the master plan as high speed thoroughfares with commercial blocks on one side (north) and multi-level institutional buildings on the other (south). One…

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Sector 17 – Tower for north plaza and multilevel new economy parking solutions for the city center

As the commercial heart of the city, the vitality of Sector 17 is critical to the future of the city. Fortunately, Sector 17s vitality has hardly been threatened…

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Hybrid Housing – new typologies for a growing city.

Here are three new housing typologies, hybridizing the lessons learnt from the passive solar, naturally ventilated and daylit, modular, Modulor based, modernist Chandigarh ‘heritage’ housing, with the high-density,…

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Museum of Knowledge – bridging Le Corbusian heritage with security

The Chandigarh Urban Lab believes that whether the Governor’s Palace or the Museum of Knowledge is built, the most important aspect to completing the Capitol Complex is to restore civic…

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CHART – Multimodal transportation solution for Greater Chandigarh