Playground of Ruins – Capitol Complex

In this studio, Museum of Knowledge of Chandigarh was interpreted as a container of information and space for interaction – the City Archive. At the center of Capitol Complex existing elements [...]

Museum of World Religions

Museum of World Religions in Chandigarh, India is designed as a place for people to watch, talk, think and share everything about religions. Different religions might have their own rites and rules [...]

Chandigarh Architecture Guide

The Chandigarh Architecture Guide by Vikramaditya Prakash is now available…..check it out! Chandigarh Architecture Guide [...]

Kaimbwala-Sukhna Ecological Zone

A part of the CUL2014 proposal, an interdisciplinary group of students from Urban Design and Planning and Architecture developed a proposal for an ecological zone centered on Chandigarh’s [...]

Occupy Detroit SEZ

These are images from the “Occupy Detroit SEZ” proposal developed for a competition on Detroit by CRITICALai – a theoretical design practice consisting of Vikramaditya Prakash, [...]
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