Citizen Chandigarh: The Professionals

What is the perspective of some of the professionals of Chandigarh on their city and its future? With the highest literary in India (above 93%), Chandigarh has the potential to be the Indian professional city. Yet, since most of the employment in the city is only administrative, catering to the the three state administrations that are in the city, job opportunities for young professionals are very limited. Most move to the large metropolisis, or, if they can manage it, to the West.


Filmmakers: Lisa Healy, Nishant Jacob and Laura Poulin


Citizen Chandigarh: The City Administrators

What is their perspective of some of the administrators of Chandigarh about its future? Chandigarh’s Administration is divided between the official’s of Chandigarh Administration, who are administrative services officers appointed by the central government, and the Municipal Corporation, that is elected by the citizens. The MC however is a recent body, while CA has administered the city since 1966.

Filmmakers: Michael Avellone, Emily Anne Lindsay, Leila Swier