Capitol Complex

The Shivalik Hills and the Plan

By placing the original plan on the inclined plain, with the full range of the Shivalik Hills in high relief, we can see how the local intermittent rivers carry on their work of breaking down the [...]

Assembly Model

Here is a video of the dis-assembly of a model of Le Corbusier’s Assembly building. The model was made by a class of students in a seminar on Indian Modernism. I have matched the video to [...]

Proposal for the Museum of Knowledge

As designed by Le Corbusier, the Capitol Complex is currently not completed. A fourth building, the Museum of Knowledge was planned to accompany the existing Secretariat, Assembly Hall and High [...]

Space Activation in Ahmedabad

The capitol complex is in need of some major social activation and the main question is in what manner this activation should happen. The visit to Ahmedabad was a great experience because it opened [...]
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